»The moral basis is disappearing in the name of tolerance«

Foto: Screenshot YouTube, DW

Der moralische Kompass verschwindet im Namen der Toleranz: Im Interview mit der Freien Welt erklärt Steven Kuhn, warum es im heutigen Amerika so wichtig ist, zu seinen persönlichen Werten zu stehen. Denn in der werteliberalen Gesellschaft verschwindet die moralische Wertebasis.

Freie Welt: Good morning Mr. Kuhn, thank you for always being available for feedback to your President, I say “your President” because you make these interviews so personal, we feel like you know him. How can you be so fully behind him, what happens if he does something wrong and you are proven wrong, what happens to your credibility?

Steven Kuhn: My pleasure, well that is a whopper of a first question, but thank you for asking, it is a very important point which many seem to think is a problem, that I may regret it later, or that I am making this too personal.

Let me assure you; I have no problem to stand firmly behind my President, I do make it personal because everything happening now, on both sides of the Isle, will affect me, all of us, personally.

What I believe and what I support is based on my moral compass and my life experience. I pride myself on being a person who values and sticks to my core beliefs and values.

My loyalty is to my beliefs, my integrity does not allow me to ignore it or shy away from fighting for that which I base my life upon. Honesty, integrity and transparency is how I live my life, it may be a dangerous way in some peoples view, but there is never a question about my beliefs or why I do or say what I do, it is important in todays world to be clear, now more than ever.

Freie Welt: That all sounds very impressive and I believe you; sitting here with you, seeing the passion you have, makes it clear you are not just saying it. However: what happens when you end up being wrong? What happens to you and your reputation?

Steven Kuhn: Let me try again: My reputation is based on who I am, my values and my morals. They do not change according to the issues, I remain the same person, and so I see no danger in my reputation being soiled. I can’t let myself be distracted by others opinions of what they think I should or should not do; It is strictly my business.

Freie Welt: I see this is a very important subject matter for you, so you are saying it does not matter if you are proven wrong? It won’t bother you?

Steven Kuhn: Look, being wrong is human, I am a human, and therefore I have no problem admitting when I am. However, this is not a right or wrong issue.

The world is in a battle for survival right now and I chose a side, the “side” on which our country was built upon: Christian family values, being a good person, ensuring we are protected and that we look after each other, to name a few.

These are the ideals and morals, which I grew up and with; I base my life on them as do many other Americans do, in one form or another. This clear and solid moral basis is disappearing at an alarming rate and it is disappearing in the name of tolerance, the glaring paradox is blinding.

Freie Welt: If this is true, and we are not saying it is or not, then how can the “left” as you call it, not be the right choice for you? They are pro immigration and they are pro cultural diversity for instance. Is this not what the country was founded upon? Are you not all immigrants in the USA?

Steven Kuhn: I want to take you seriously, I really do. Don’t get me wrong; I respect everyone opinions and beliefs, as long as they do not infringe on others beliefs and opinions, this is the basis if any healthy society, but please do not patronize my position.

Our issue in the USA is not necessarily immigration; first it is the illegal alien issue, second is the tighter vetting of those coming from countries proven to be breeding grounds or sources of terrorism, the two points are completely separate.

Our nation is culturally diverse; the very word diverse means “different cultures”.  My family is from Italy and Germany for instance, there is really no need to school Americans on what cultural diversity means and why immigration is a part of our history, we are all personally the very product of it.

Cultural diversity is not immigrants all from one culture: Mexico for instance. It is also not diverse if all stem from one Religion: Islam for instance. So if you’re going to discuss diversity, please consider that most people know very well what this means and comparing our past where Immigrants came here, well lets say pioneers, to make a better life, to assimilate and create that which is, or was, arguably the “greatest Nation on Earth”.

President Trump and his supporters are simply looking out for the American culture, our way of life and the future of our country, it is truly not difficult to understand for those who take a minute to calm down ad look at the basics.

This is something I take very, very seriously and will talk until I am red in the face to explain why this is not racist, fascist or anti anything negative, very simple to understand if one leaves emotions out of the discussion.

Freie Welt: Lets touch on the Islamic ban now, they call it “Immigration ban 2.0”, 6 judges blocked it, it seems as if you are suggesting judges are aligning themselves with those you call “the left”, but these are judges, surely they are not partisan.

Steven Kuhn: I cannot say if they are aligning themselves with a movement or if they are partisan or why they did what they did, but I can say this: Most of them are Democrat, if not all of them, and President Obama appointed some of them, does it not make It obvious that they are by default liberals?

The danger is that President Trump still needs to fill many benches with new Judges; we can assume he will most likely be filling them with conservative judges.

What happens if we use the current judges actions as an example (which the left is cheering) and turn the tables:
Once President Trump fills these positions with conservative judges, it should then be no problem for the left when these new judges only make conservative judgments; I mean that is what common sense tells you right? No need to answer.

This is a very dangerous road we are taking; it leads to a partisan judicial branch, and as much as I welcome this from my beliefs, it is very bad for our country.

Freie Welt: So you think the judges are purposely partisan? This is a strong statement to make and excuse me when I ask, you are not a lawyer, and how can you make such a statement.

Steven Kuhn: Indeed I am not a lawyer, I do however have the ability to learn through research and use my common sense, there is a lot to be said for someone who seeks information and solutions rather than building a wall of denial, don’t you agree?

I believe they are partisan by default; they are Democrat and vote their beliefs, it is obvious when you look at the rulings.

Basing a ruling on what was said on the campaign trail and stating that non-citizens have rights under our constitution, is simply absurd, this is a delay tactic, it will not hold up in court.

Freie Welt: Mr. Kuhn, we did not expect the interview to take this route but it was a very interesting interview today; the passion you have is remarkable. Do you think what you do will make a difference? Better yet, why do you do it? You are not being paid or running for office are you?

Steven Kuhn: My passion stems from a very personal source, one many will not understand but one which connects me to millions of others who feel the same. My brothers and sisters reading this know whom they are and what I am referring to.

I am not being paid and I am not running for office, I see it as my duty to make clear what is really happening and where the motivation lies for so many who are saying they simply have enough.

It is obviously working because sources such as yours are gaining in readers almost daily, people do not trust the mainstream media period.

I believe it is fair to say I do this because I believe in a better future and I believe in fighting for beliefs.

Freie Welt: Thank you Mr. Kuhn, thank you very much.

Steven Kuhn: My pleasure, see you next week.


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