»The left has found a common enemy«

Foto: Screenshot YouTube, DW

Im Interview mit der Freien Welt erklärt Steven Kuhn, wie die Differenzen der amerikanischen Gesellschaft sich auf zwei gegenüberliegende Lager geschlagen haben: rechts und links der Mitte, für oder gegen Trump. Um Amerika voranzubringen, muss man diese Spaltung überwinden.

Freie Welt: Hello Mr. Kuhn, you are back, welcome. How was your week off?

Steven Kuhn: Thank you, glad to be here. The week off was filled with so much new information that there was so much more to catch up on than usual.

Freie Welt: Good then lets jump right in with the tax returns. Is it not time for President Trump to simply release them?

Steven Kuhn: I knew this was going to be the first question and of all the questions, issues and problems we as a country are facing, this is the most pressing? How sad this is even headline news.

I will speak for me personally; obviously I do not speak with the POTUS. In the end he is the President and the release will have no bearing on his Presidency.

Regardless, the establishment will never be happy regardless what happens. An American liberal journalist had a live show this week where she unveiled his 2005 tax returns…ends up he paid 35 Million in taxes.  Now the new narrative is “Trump leaked them himself”. I forecasted this would be the reaction the second I saw they were leaked.

How can anyone take such reports serious? I mean it is all out of control; his family is attacked, his past business practices, his character, the team, even his son, and it does not look like it will stop.

So why add oil to the fire and release something that will neither prove anything or satisfy the liberal sharks? It is literally like shooting yourself in the foot…the left will not be happy, so why bother.

Freie Welt: That may be the case but he promised he would release them and the American people have a right to know.

Steven Kuhn: I will forgive you since you are not American and do not know that there is no law requiring Presidents to release their tax returns, it has simply been done by most Presidents, meaning, not all of them have released them, he is not bound by any law. Yes he said he would release them but like I said: They are irrelevant now; the only reason anyone wants to see them is to try and find some dirt.

Freie Welt: Thank you for that clarification, important to know. How do you now see the situation in the United States? What do you see getting better or worse?

Steven Kuhn: I am glad you ask what I see getting better because there is so much.  Before the election there was a divide in the USA according to color, gender and political beliefs. It seems all those differences have now greatly dissipated into only two sides: Left of the middle and right of the middle. The Left found a common enemy and the right a common leader.

In reality our nation is actually coming together, putting the past attempts of separation through identity politics, and fighting for a basic belief aside.

The right of the middle believe we need to move onward and make America Great Again and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that either because in the end, a great America is great for everyone. That is the main thing I see, and it is wonderful.

We are on the path back to being a better, more morally balanced nation, based on Christian values, which is not anti anything like many wish to say.

Some may not agree but I can only say that a nation needs a basis on which to hold itself accountable, ours has always been God; it is on our money, in our schools and all over the public buildings, it carried us to be a great nation.

No structure and no belief basis leads to what we lived through the past 8 years; chaos, every man for themselves, hate and prejudice increasing across the board.

So you see, oddly enough even those who are not in agreement with President Trump are becoming believers, even if indirectly, this is a great moment we are witnessing.

Freie Welt: I personally never actually saw it that way but it does seem plausible, once again you surprise us with the positive view in a perceived negative situation.

Steven Kuhn: You know, it is a shame that this is seen as a surprise. I try and live my life, and many others I know do the same, by seeing solutions before problems. When a problem still arises; we seek further solutions and the positive in the problem.

Our entire life, all we do, who we meet, how our relationships work and how we feel about ourselves, comes down to our attitude towards lifes challenges. We create our own reality with our actions, thoughts and speech, the only question is; “Which reality will you choose?” I choose the positive one.

Freie Welt: Such an American statement, Germans are a bit less romantic but it sounds inspirational to say the least. Assuming you are correct and the country is coming together on each “side”, what is the solution to bringing each side to one another?

Steven Kuhn: Great question, I must admit that very thought follows me. What is it? Not sure but I can say what it is not: One issue, one statement, one day or one hour. Exposing and attempting to counter the complexities, which have been fed to the people by the establishment, are like peeling an onion back.

My belief is that dismantling must begin with a few issues used to separate and create divide. LGBT issues are one; lets face it; less than 3% of society is LGBT, it is not a major issue that touches many.

Not discrediting those affected at all, however it is not something we should allow to be used, as it was, to separate us.  Another issue is the Black Life’s Matter movement, which started after Michael Brown lost his life in an unclear situation, found justified later.

There are very valid issues to be looked at but no one will attempt to work with them as long as the differences are focused on and presented with disdain and violence, hate and name-calling entitlements.

These movement’s would do themselves a great justice if they took their presentation skills, attempts at getting what they want and the message they use, more serious and treated it like the major issue it is.

If the Government is supposed to regulate and control these issues, then the Government must be permitted to weight in one both ends of the spectrum. These groups not getting what they want seems to be a major issue where the conflict then breaks out, this must end or nothing will get better.

Freie Welt: Much to do it seems, but how can these groups trust the Trump administration to take them seriously?

Steven Kuhn: First step would to be stopping bashing him and his administration, stop yelling and screaming injustice before any attempt is made with the issues. They are not only hurting the forward movement of our country, they are making it very difficult for anyone to take them serious, with true passion for positive change.

Freie Welt: You are saying that these groups have a chance of reaching some sort of consensus? Do you really believe that?

Steven Kuhn: We live in a democracy; it is not only their right but their duty. The problem is when personalities seeking the spotlight for personal gain invalidate these valid movements. Other barriers to reaching agreements are that they are not willing to compromise or talk about adapting their demands. This creates a wall on both sides.

Nothing would be better for our country if all sides got along and unrealistic expectations were cast aside for the greater good, it is a long road but we are on the way, and I am excited to be experiencing it.

Freie Welt: We are out of time but thank you once again for the positive vibes; we really notice it when you have been here.

Steven Kuhn: It has been my honor, thank you!


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