Interview mit Steven Kuhn: „Those who voted for Trump are the backbone of the USA“

Foto: Screenshot YouTube, DW

Im Interview mit der Freien Welt erklärt Steven Kuhn, wie die Mainstream-Medien falsch über die Dekrete von Trump berichten und wie die Merheit der Bevölkerung im sogenannten Herzland der USA treu hinter ihrem Präsidenten steht.

Interviewer: Hello again Mr. Kuhn, great having you back. You were right when you said it would be another action packed week, the immigration order was halted, Trump tweeted rudely to the Judge who blocked it and he had another flare with Australia about not wanting to honor the immigration deal struck with President Obama…just to name a few.

S. Kuhn: My pleasure as always, yes, a very exciting week indeed. It has been confirmed that more Americans support, than appose the immigration ban, this is not being reported on very many outlets in the US but overseas, not surprised.

This immigration order signed by Obama, and then passed by a Bi-partisan Congress was simply set into action by President Trump, it was not his making because we all know that an Executive order is not a Law, it must pass through Congress, right?

Interviewer: You can hardly say that most of the people support the immigration order, even internationally the world was in an uproar, Trump has received massive blow back for this.

S. Kuhn: It is no surprise to me that the press and other liberal outlets avoid making clear that this was not President Trumps order by over reporting about families and persons effected by the order.

The press is sensationalistic and aggressive in making sure the people see what they want them to see. The fact that most Americans support the order shows that Trump is keeping his promise on putting the American people first. We must look at what he says and does, so far he is keeping his word to those who elected him, this is what I am looking at first.

Interviewer: When you say most support him, we just do not see it, how can you persist in making this statement? Sorry but it seems as if you are somehow not seeing reality.

S. Kuhn: The press attacks him, the Hollywood elite attack and mock him, demonstrators scream and yell and call him everything under the sun and yet this is only a part of reality, the part you are supposed to see.

The fact remains that those who voted for Trump are the backbone of the USA. It may sound a bit patriotic to say so but lets look at his voters: They come from the so called “Heartland” where the working day is long and the pay is just enough to get by, they have true and valid concerns which are being addresses by President Trump and his team, this is a fact, and to not respect a man who is being attacked by all sides, and still stands by those who voted, demands a certain blindness on the part of that person.

It is a very interesting point to notice what President Trump is actually doing: through his direct and sometimes outspoken way of communicating, he is ushering in a new era of Trust.  You may not like what he is saying, you may not like how he is saying it, you may not even agree, but you certainly know he means it…when was the last time you could say that about a politician?

This is what speaks to the movement, this is what the people want and have wanted, how long could you be treated as bad as he is without bending under the pressure to at least appease the loudest protester? I have an immense respect for the steadfast manner in which President Trump keeps course.

Interviewer: It is hard for me to swallow if I am honest, you live in Europe, the feedback here is almost only negative, and how will this effect Trumps ability to be positive in his relationships with foreign leaders?

S. Kuhn: If I may, allow me to touch on the point of how the Europeans are up in arms about how President Trump speaks, what he says, how they say he is to direct and not a Statesman. If you look at how many of the leaders speak about President Trump, how the European Press mock him, is it not them acting in that way in which they say they so dislike? I find this hypocritical and out of line. The recent Spiegel magazine cover went to far comparing President Trump to ISIS…that is however the free market and if the Spiegel is good at anything, it is at selling magazines in the time of internet, you have to give them that.  It will al be fine once he heads this way and speaks to the leaders in Europe.

Interviewer: You really support him and stand behind him, the more we speak, the more we see this, are you still able to be objective in your view?

S. Kuhn: Look, I support the President who was elected by the people, my personal opinion has nothing to do with that fact, this is how I was raised and how I grew up, you respect the President of the United States…period.

It just so happens that I agree with many of the views he has brought forward; I support the fact that we need to move forward as a nation in a time where separation has become the norm. These are turbulent times, so many are not happy and he is there to take the shots from all those who feel the need to blame someone, anyone…and he still stands tall, one must respect that in my opinion…this is a tough interview today, you guys are on a war path!

Interviewer: We are sorry if we are pushing but it is important that we hear the raw truth, especially in Europe where he has not been yet, we are all wondering what is going to happen.

S. Kuhn: I cannot believe foreign relations will be hurt at all, as a matter of fact I believe you will be surprised at the sigh of relief from the leaders when President Trump meets with them. In person an entirely different matter, he is well knows for his personal meetings and getting all sides to agree, I am more than optimistic this is all panic with no reason.

Interviewer: Let us hope so, we always respected the USA, even if the past years were not the greatest, the American Dream vision is still alive and well in the world!

S. Kuhn: No need to hope my friend, we will all make our way, we simply need to decide not to partake in attempts of some around us to turn hope into hate, it is up to al of us, not just the politicians, we can start by seeking commonalities first, and stop seeking differences.

Interviewer: Thank you once again for the interview, it was very interesting today.

S. Kuhn: My pleasure, yes it was a different interview, we are getting to know each other better and are trusting each other more, it is a good thing.


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