Interview mit Steven Kuhn: “The demonstrators against Trump are being exploited. These movements are not grass roots movements”

Foto: Screenshot YouTube, DW

Im Interview mit der Freien Welt kommentiert Steven E. Kuhn die neusten Dekrete des US-Präsidenten Donald J. Trump zur Einwanderungsbeschränkung für Staatsbürger verschiedener islamischer Länder und die internationalen Proteste dagegen.

Interviewer: Welcome back Mr. Kuhn, glad to be speaking with you once again, a whole bunch has happened since we spoke last, what is your opinion on all these changes happening so quickly?

Kuhn: My pleasure, as always it is an honor to be heard. I am not surprised, President Trump not only said he would move fast, he warned everyone. So in the end he is keeping his word, this is a good thing and I am excited to see more.

Interviewer: There are two points where I need to ask straight; The Immigration Ban and the appointment of Stephen Bannon to the Security Council, is this not scary to you?

Kuhn: Scary? Are you are asking if I am in some way worried? No I am not, not in the least. Once again, he is doing what he said he would; the limitations in the executive order are being adjusted as the days go by, the latest change being a more liberal stance with Green Card Holders. It is obviously a process; we all need to be patient.

As far as Stephen Bannon, he is a highly educated and intelligent man who earned his place on the Trump team. His work before the election and his decisiveness helped lead to the successful Trump election, lets see how it develops, anything else would be conjecture.

Interviewer: Yes but to suddenly stop people from coming into the country, is that not a bit drastic? How can we get over all the crying faces?

S. Kuhn: Were the murders in San Bernardino drastic? What about the murders in Fort Lauderdale, Chattanooga or Orlando? Where are the stories of those who lost family members? Where are those crying faces? I really do not like being so harsh but it is time we use the same standards here.

It is a travesty for anyone effected who is not guilty, and most people will not be guilty, it is however the right of a nation to protect itself when the borders have become so porous. We can go into comparisons about which Islamic countries do not allow travelers in who have an Israeli stamp in their passport, but I will not insult your intelligence.

Don’t forget: this is a reaction to clear and present danger of more terror in our country, a “cut” had to be made in order to put a system in place, to ensure when we accept the refugees, they are truly war refugees and not a terrorist who threw their passport away and then claimed to be Syrian, which over 50% of the refugees in Europe have done, some reports say that percentage is even higher.

Look, no one like hearing the stories of families separated overnight, especially in Germany where the Berlin Wall experience still echo’s in today. I watched an interview with an older Persian man who was sobbing about his brother being detained and sent back to Iran, very sad, I really felt for the guy, he seemed harmless and his sadness was genuinely heart wrenching.

We have to be very careful not to allow these emotions to dictate policy, nor allow our emotions to make us forget the reasons why this was done in the first place.

When I look at the mess here in Europe with the undocumented, uncontrolled and completely free roaming refugees, who ended up killing people, robbing or raping, then it is hard to be very critical of the situation at the moment, as much as my heart goes out to those being detained, it goes out even more to those who died needlessly at the hands of some coward. In the end, each case can be reviewed singularly, right now there are about 800 refugees being let in due to extreme hardship, this is not being reported of course.

Interviewer: You are a passionate man, we see it in your eyes and how you speak, your demeanor is a bit daunting as with Trump, your background is also similar to President Trump, is this why you are such an avid supporter?

S. Kuhn: I have never been compared to President Trump before, I cannot comment, I do not know him personally, but I do know people who do and they all say he is not as the press portrays.

As far as my passion: as a veteran I am programmed to be a watchman for our country, it is instilled in us from the very first day of Boot Camp, and it does not go away. Living in Europe for most of the past 25 years, I do have a more liberal view of the world and therefore understand why so many are flabbergasted, I also understand that most of these out in the streets do not take the time to actually read, understand and evaluate the reality of what the executive order says, or even bother to do any research. In my opinion, their anger and passion is misguided.

Interviewer: Would you say that to a demonstrator on the street? What do you think their response would be? It sounds a bit arrogant to make such a statement, if I am honest.

S. Kuhn: I understand why you think that way, it makes sense to me because I know the German mentality, so I am not taking it personally, it does however make it clear as to why we need to constantly be seeking explanations and not take the first message we hear as “the truth”.

I would most certainly make the same statement to a demonstrator but I am not seeking conflict, this would more than likely be the result, and as a War Veteran with PTSD I have learned to keep myself away from possible trigger moments like that. The chance to speak with you is doing my part as well, I think the demonstrators should simply take a step back and see what they are really demonstrating about and then they may realize they are being exploited for the most part, I hate to say it but if they truly want to see it, they would.

Interviewer: How are they being exploited? What do you mean exactly?

Kuhn: It is obvious that we once again are witnessing the results of Identity Politics in this mob mentality. Name a demographic in the past 5 years which demonstrated and I will give you an acronym that was created as an identity, which is then used to drive them to the streets in the name of equality and fairness: These movements are not grass roots movements, they are professionally organized. I am not getting into the details here but look back and you will see a clear pattern and structured system.

Interviewer: Well Mr. Kuhn, although I would like to ask more about that, lets move forward, we are nearing the end, just one more question for this week: What do you see happening in the near future? What will be the big attention grabber the next 7 days?

Kuhn: Tough to say, the Immigration issue will remain dominant, I also believe the appointment of Judge Neil Gorsuch will be gaining more media attention as the Democrats mount their battle stations to block it, whatever happens it will be exciting, I’m excited for another week of fast paced changes.


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