»Es ist Mainstream geworden, über den Präsidenten zu lästern. Das ist destruktiv.«

Foto: Screenshot YouTube, DW

Im neuen Interview mit der Freien Welt, erklärt Steven Kuhn, warum es destruktiv ist, wie die Mainstream-Medien und die Öffentlichkeit über den Präsidenten herziehen.

Interviewer: Hello Mr. Kuhn, I am pretty sure you know what the questions will be about this week so shall I ask of do you wish to begin?

S. Kuhn: I can guess to a pretty high certainty, but before I do guess, let me you why: it is because the media dictates reality for those who so desperately seek to find another reason to complain, disrupt and seek to delay the growth of our country. You are nodding so let’s move forward with that shall we?

Interviewer: That is what I was going to ask but you must agree, it is a pretty bad scandal for the National Security Council to have to step down for lying and misconduct, how can you possibly defend that.

S. Kuhn: To begin let us please understand that I am not here to defend anyone, I am here to explain, calmly and realistically, how those who have no media voice, see and understand the situation.

What do we know so far, or better yet what has been reported? General Flynn called the Russian Ambassador at the end of December and discussed the sanctions, which violates the Logan Act, forbidding American Civilians to partake in diplomacy. He admitted it but what was said? How can we know? We don’t and therein is the problem for me.

It is obvious that President Trump and the Military leaders are in a battle of power with the Intelligence community, it is an open secret now, so one must assume that any call from the USA to the Russian Ambassador is recorded by the NSA, especially since they were saying Russia influenced the Election, so why no tapes? What is the trade off and why no more details?

Interviewer: I never thought of that honestly, good point…but he still stepped down and he admitted doing wrong, is this not another mess for the Trump team to have to deal with?

S. Kuhn: Every move from every appointee and cabinet member is under the microscope right now, so there will always be “something”. In order to keep it in perspective I weight the pro and con of all situations, I look at past Presidential beginnings and see if there are similar reactions to similar situations.

It is easy to see that this President is being held to a completely different standard thank Obama or even Bush. For instance: When Susan Rice was caught lying about Benghazi, she refused to resign, and that was fine, then when the Republicans tried to step in, the press made it look as if it were a witch hunt.

Benghazi is where American citizens and an American Ambassador had been brutally murdered, the relation between talking to an Ambassador and lying about it, to lying about dead Americans, is simply not even a distant one.

So maybe he did speak to the Ambassador, if he did, no broken law. Did he discuss diplomacy? Who knows, the NSA surely does but so far no tapes. Did he lie to the Vice President about having spoken to the Russian Ambassador? He says he sort of did. That is a clear case of a person standing up for what he has done, you certainly do not see politicians doing such things, I respect General Flynn for the courage.

But: Now the press is speculating about what Trump knew or did not know, assuming he did and making statements and threatening with hearings, does this sound familiar? Like Benghazi? Lets hope the Press reacts the same way…but I am not holding my breath.

Interviewer: It seems to us here in Europe that President Trump just keep making mistakes, that he is marred by unprofessional team members, when is he going to settle down, get it together and move forward? This cant stay like this.

S. Kuhn: Once again your whole line of questioning is based on the liberal view and the liberal press. What is really going on? 24/7 we are bombarded with Press about this and that mistake, all the innuendoes and suggestive reporting is just to much, it is total mainstream now to bash our President, it is absurd and simply destructive.

I may not like some on his team, I may not like what he is saying sometimes and sometimes I may even disagree, that is democracy and it is our duty as citizens to be critical, I totally support anyone with a critical mind…but I lose that respect when said person decides to take his/her opinion and make it into fact and use it as a catalyst to be destructive.

What many are not seeing is such an action as I just described, makes me even more resolute to want to see President Trump move forward, achieve what he promised, not because he in being attacked but in spite of the attacks. Our country is to important to me to be destructive and we all know destruction is not productive in any way shape of form.

You have most of the prime time talk show hosts bashing him like no other President, that he lashes out is human, let us all admit it right now; if we were attacked 100 times a day, we would also be on edge and want to say something about it. Yes, he is the President, but he is also Donald Trump, one does not cancel out the other, nor should it.

Interviewer: You paint such a positive picture when we speak; it makes my job very difficult to be critical when you answer like this, is this strategy that Trump may wish to adopt?

S. Kuhn: Strategy? You are giving me way to much credit, this is no strategy, this is simply me being a man who wants peace in the world, being a father who is responsible for the future of his children and taking responsibility for those around him, it is what most think they are doing when they go out and protest, insult and bash people. I do not know any father who would teach a child to hate, do you? Then why do so many openly hate so much? They say they hate in the name of love but that is just some pseudo excuse for acting a fool while venting frustrations.

I will say it until I am blue in the face: We must seek commonality; there is no other way. Unity, peace and prosperity is what everyone wants correct?  The big question is; Does everyone want really that or is it just another narrative and the real motivation is to simply destroy someone who they personally do not like? In other words putting themselves before the bigger picture of the country and the future of their family.

Remembering what President Kennedy said “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”…Trump supports embrace this statement as a commitment, unfortunately the liberal left does not, otherwise they would be seeking commonality and suggesting solutions.

Interviewer: I didn’t expect to hear about JFK, that threw me, even we in Berlin loved JKF after his speech in Berlin where he said “Ich bin ein Berliner”. Is it possible some of the romanticism is gone from the Presidency? Could this be partly the reason? I think of JFK and then I think of Bush, Obama and Trump and it seems to me, we are much closer to the Presidents now, know more about them.

S. Kuhn: Obviously we do; Internet and social media brought them to our dinner table, it takes the entire mystic away but I see that as something incredible, we actually have direct access to our elected leaders, it is an incredible thing. We can use this and make something good out of it, if we really want to.

Interviewer: Your positivity is truly inspiring, even for a German! Thank you for the interview Mr. Kuhn, we really appreciate your time.

Kuhn: I would love to say thank you for the compliment but I find it a shame I am being complimented for being a sensible, positive person, has the world really gone that far that normality is now something special? Let’s change that! Let’s start here and now my friend, see you next week.


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