„Economic immigrants are not refugees. They should not immigrate illegally.“

Foto: Screenshot YouTube, DW

Im Interview mit der Freien Welt stellt Steven Kuhn seine Ansicht klar, dass es einen Unterschied macht, ob Flüchtlinge oder illegale Wirtschaftsmigranten ins Land kommen. Wer sein wirtschaftliches Glück in einem anderen Land suche, solle den legalen Weg der Einwanderung suchen. Daher haben die USA das Recht, illegale Einwanderer auszuweisen.

Freie Welt: Good morning Mr. Kuhn, thank you once again for your time. Another exciting last seven days wouldn’t you say?

Steven Kuhn: Indeed it has been, most exciting is our new National Security Advisor General McMaster, as a military man I am excited to see a no nonsense “tell it like it is” man in such a position, it speaks volumes for the Administration when they bring in such a unique personality.

Freie Welt: Yes it is strange that such a leader who is known for his honesty and integrity is on a team not so well known for those very traits, maybe it will help the Trump team get back on track, what do you think?

Steven Kuhn: I am not even sure what to say to that besides I prefer to look at the positive in such matters. This is a perfect chance for Trump critics to step back and say, “well, he made a great choice there, he is obviously not blocking those who think differently as we have been told, this is great news”, unfortunately we do not hear it at the moment.

Freie Welt: Sure that is true, but he is just one in the team, there are many more, like Steve Bannon, what is he to the President anyway? Does it not make you wonder how an editor of an online newspaper is now the top Trump aid?

Steven Kuhn: I do not know Steven Bannon but I can say this: being a Harvard Grad and an ex Naval Officer, he has credentials that are far superior to many others who held his position. Why is it supposed that a person getting a position based on relationships alone, as it has been in every administration in the past, is better than one receiving a position based on relationships and experience which fits the position? Again we must always be cautious as to use the same measuring tool for everyone my friend, don’t fall for the temptation to report your opinion rather than the truth itself, I know it is sometimes hard to see with the current press story overloads.

Freie Welt: I am not sure I agree, Harvard and the military were years and years ago, he has in the recent years turned more and more fringe, almost far right, some say he is far right. Is he?

Steven Kuhn: Twenty or thirty years ago, people with such beliefs and values were called patriots or conservative Republicans, I do not buy into the hype and I prefer not to take the bait to try and defend a person who is actually qualified for the position, who I also do not know.

Freie Welt: Ok, I do not think we will see eye to eye on Steven Bannon so let us move on with a question concerning the immigration situation; Mexico stated it would take their case to the UN if the USA went forward with the newest decision to depart people to Mexico for minor infractions, regardless of their nationality, this cannot be real can it?

Steven Kuhn: No, simple as that. Look for the whole story, you should know by know that most of the press presents what they want you to think; reality has little to do with it. To make a short point of this let me just say that if anyone is really interested in the truth, they should seek out the policy and read it.

Freie Welt: Is that not taking the easy way out?

Steven Kuhn: No it is not, it is actually the smartest statement anyone can make when faced with ridiculous claim. Why? Because the person who makes such a statement will never give in during an argument, they will only ever change their own mind through education, or have you ever heard someone in one of these arguments say “oh hey, that is a good point, I agree with you”? I haven’t.

I will say this however: Single circumstances of families affected by immigration issues are heart wrenching, especially if you know such a family. The press makes no qualm about focusing on these specific cases, and they do it in order to sway public opinion through emotion, a very old tactic. What is sad, is that most know this but yet they still get enraged because it fits their personal agenda, I propose this is neither healthy nor constructive.

This does not diminish the heartbreaking situations, it does, however, have nothing to do with the fact that illegal aliens are indeed, by the very definition, illegally in the USA. It is difficult to argue a point, which is clear because the word “illegal” precedes it.

If Mexico believes they have the right to complain that the US may send back illegals, then we must ask ourselves what is the agenda of Mexico in the first place, it makes no sense to me, but neither do many other such arguments these days unfortunately.

Freie Welt: It seems immigration is an issue in which you are a hardliner, are you not yourself an immigrant here in Europe?

Steven Kuhn: We both know how this will be answered, don’t we? I came here legally, went through the processes, learned the language, went back to the authorities year after year to extend my visa, it is a legal process which I followed, simple.

Right now I have a Japanese friend who is working in Germany, she only keeps getting 6-month extensions, that is the way it works.  I find this curious in a country which invites hundreds of thousands of refugees, pays them, houses them and provided health care but cannot let a productive individual commit to a career here. Shall I riot or smash windows? No, this is the law, good or bad, it is the law. If I wanted to change it, I would fight the system by using the system in place, to legally change it.

Freie Welt: A Japanese person is hardly a refugee from a war torn nation; this cannot possibly be a proper comparison can it?

Steven Kuhn: I am referring to the rule of law, but since you mention it, it is a well known fact that over 50% of those refugees coming to Germany are not from Syria, some say up to 80%. Lets call them what they really are shall we? Economic immigrants.

We all want a better life, we are constantly in the pursuit of one, so it is obvious that most people understand and can sympathize with anyone who wants to better theirs. Where this turns into a debate is how they go about it, we have discussed this in detail before; follow the law, respect the host nation and be accommodating in your demands.

Freie Welt: Mr. Kuhn, we have come to the end of the interview, it is always so good to hear you stand your ground without insulting or demeaning anyone; we should all strive to be a bit more like this.

Steven Kuhn: Thank you but I am certainly no angel, I can get emotional but before I do I always ask myself: Will this help my cause? Will it hurt me or put me at a disadvantage, but most of all, is this not what the person across from me actually wants me to do? I am not a big fan of manipulation, these days it seems loaded questions are the norm, I am also glad you not only ask me real questions but you print my answers correctly, that takes courage. See you next week.

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